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Forging Ahead

4/3/12 10:00 AM

With the first project release fast approaching, another skill is thrown into the mix! Forging will allow players to make their own armor and weapons. These are primarily for melee warriors; other skills to benefit spellcasters and archers will be added in the future.

The process is much the same as for Cooking. The player interacts with an anvil, then selects an item to create.

Metal bars are used as ingredients in a suite of different items.

Different item will take various amounts of time to create.

Hammer strikes metal!

Dandy. You have yourself a new shield.

A selection of some of the craftable items.

In the future, Forging will produce better quality items the more precisely the player can hammer ore into a certain shape. This will bring some variety to the task of smithing all day.

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